A VJ Horn daughter, 37014- 02226, With 11% Solids

VJ Horn daughter no 37014-2226 from Søren Damgreen Christensen_Østervrå

Cow No. 37014- 02226  Soren Damgreen Christensen, Østervrå, Denmark

This week I take a look at an impressive cow with more than 11% solids.  Cow No. 37014- 02226 Owned by Soren Damgreen Christensen, Østervrå, Denmark, an area in the north of Jutland. This cow does not come from one of highest yielding herds but is notable for her type, fat and protein% and by being a daughter of VJ Horn, Denmark’s highest  proven bull, NTM 25, at the moment. 37014-02226 is a VJ Horn X VJ Tovborg X DJ Beo. is 69.3% Danish, 25.3 USA and 5.4% NZ,   she is Classified:-

Height 128 cm : Body 86 : L&F 86 : Mammary 82 : Overall 85


02226 had a slight setback with her first lactation but is now back on track and has an annual yield, over 1.3 years, of :-

5,854 Kgs 6.46% 388 Kgs F : 4.40% 258 Kgs P. = 646Kgs F+P

VJ Hoj
VJ Hoj, a genomic bull

She has a daughter by VJ Lurik, and is in calf to VJ Hoj an upcoming genomic bull. A very regular calver, calving for the first time on 6.11.14, she is due her third calf 4.9.16. Her dam was also high solids having a lifetime average of 5,715 Kgs at 6.52 and 4.47 respectively. Another reliable example of very desirable cow, just going about her everyday work very efficiently.

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