Adelgaard Hot Diamond 10,000 Kg F+P A real ‘Gem’


Adelgaard Hot Diamond, 53448-01402.
A Hot X RB Mannix X JAS Bregne
Hot Diamond by name, and ‘Hot Diamond’ by fact. A real ‘hot’ gem of a cow. This cow has just recently passed 10,000 kg of Fat + Protein, lifetime production. This is the third cow to mark this remarkable achievement in the Adelgaard herd in the last 2 years. She also achieved this milestone at the youngest age of the three. The photograph above was taken a few years ago, she is now 13 and half years old. and has an average annual production over 11.3 years of :-
8,736 Kgs 6.11% 534 Kgs : 4.02% 352 Kgs = 886 Kgs F+P
Last classified, Body 82 : Leg/Feet 86 : Mammary 90 : Overall 89
Last classified 2007, Highest 305 day Yield:- 6th Lactation

10,275 Kgs 6.13% 630 Kgs Fat : 3.96% 407 Kgs Protein = 1038 Kgs F+P

This cow would be ‘Jewel’ in any herd. Flushed four times she has a number of daughters to carry on the tradition. As often happens with great cows some daughters have been sold to other breeders, along with some embryos. JAS Hot was a very succesful bull in many populations throughout the world, siring many spectacular cows as well as being a great success at Adelgaard. He combined the great productive traits of A Nine Top Brass and Fyn Tved. A very popular bull, he went on to leave almost 10,000 daughters in Denmark in more than 1,200 herds, and being best known excellent conformation, superb udders and very high milk components.

After the presentation by Viking Jersey there was a small party which included the breeder of JAS Hot, Svend Otto Søgaard, Tastum, Stoholm, Denmark, family and friends

A Presentation, to be followed by a party


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