Comparison with major Jersey populations

International Data recording comparison

International Data Recording,

Denmark has a unique Central Cattle Data Base it is at the heart of all their genetic progress and research and the breeding tools used every day on Danish farms. It is not commonly realised that a high proportion of this data originates from the many farmer owned co-operatives that undertake the services that are recorded. The value of this data-base is massive and extends way beyond genetic information, like nutrition and economics and a broader day-to-day financial management. All this has been built up over many decades. Scandinavia has always had a deep culture of co-operation. Viking itself is a co-operative with an operating base in Denmark, Sweden and Finland and now trading in most parts of the world. It is at the forefront of modern thinking, research and technologies in the world-wide cattle breeding industry. Reliability is built-in.

Arla is another example of Danish co-operatives trading in most of the major dairy producing countries and with an Impressive international influence and status. Co-operation has a remarkable track record in Scandinavia over a long period and now their influence is available for all to benefit from. So once again the vikings are having their influence around the world

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