Probably the highest yielding Jersey herd In Denmark

This short video shows how modern systems are at the forefront of current Danish thinking. It demonstrates the philosophy of a modern Danish Jersey breeder. Peter currently has the highest yielding Jersey herd in Denmark. It also shows the commitment that Danish Jersey breeders show to the National Breeding Plan and the National Data Base. This system has produced the Danish Jersey that known throughout the world today. You can also see the care shown to their farms and cattle.  I was fortunate to spend a day with Peter at the end of September 2016. it was like a breath of fresh air. Despite all the despondency about the current economic situation within the industry Danish farmers were generally positive and committed to creating a brighter future. The current production at Haugstedgaard is:-

8,700kg Milk : 530Kgs B/fat : 370 Kgs Protein = 900+ F+P

This equates to 11,400 Kgs of energy corrected milk

For our friends in the USA this converts to

19,180 lbs Milk : 1,168 Lbs b/fat : 815lbs Protein = 1983lbs F+P

or 25,132 lbs of energy corrected milk.




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