Danish Annual Meeting 2018

Earlier this month I had the privilege to attend the Danish Jersey Annual meeting in Northern Jutland. It was exciting to see so many enthusiastic breeders with positive feelings about the future. The two-day event consisted of presentations, discussions. Dinner, award presentations and of course farm visits. I now post some of the presentations, in English, outlining a review and goals for the future. I hope this post will create questions and discussion. Later I will report on the farm visits. This presentation was given by Peter Larson, Breed Co-ordinator Dansk Jersey.

A VJ Husky daughter, bred by Jorn Mikkelsen
A VJ Husky daughter
The first Danish Jersey Herdbook was published in 2018
The first Danish Jersey Herdbook was published in 2018.
Breeding plan set to meet goal objectives for 2025
New breed targets for 2025 set to improve production, economics. welfare and Breed Purity
3D photgraphy to measure feed efficiency
New research is constantly being updated to meet current thinking. Here 3D photography is being tried to measure feed efficiency,
New weightings in Y (yield) index
New weightings in Y (yield) index to reflect need to maintain milk components ie. Fat & Protein %
Expected Genetic Gains correlated to NTM
Expected Genetic Gains correlated to NTM with new weightings from November 2018

2020 target already achieved

The 2020 performance goal was reached by 2018, A new target has been set for 2025 to add 95 kgs of Fat plus Protein,

Breeding plans are constantly reviewed
Breeding plans are constantly reviewed. here we see current focus is on bull mothers, avoidance of in-breeding, genetic gains and increased use of sexed semen.

Should pregnancy agreements be phased out?

Are pregnancy agreements an attractive option?, This slide raises several of the options. What is the best plan for genetic gain? which makes the best use of available finance?.

Danish Jerseys are getting better and better
Danish Jerseys have an excellent record of constant progress, this slide highlights, year on year, improvement in average NTM and the percentage of genomic sires used as bull fathers and the % resulting from ET
30 VG Doners heifers at ET station
Dansk Jersey in collaboration with Viking have established an elite ET station. This slide illustrates the merit of 30 of current heifers at that station
Semen export sales 2018
Denmark enjoys a very strong export market. This slide shows the top bulls for exported semen sales. it will be noted there is still a strong export market for daughter proven bulls
International Jersey collaberation and co-operation
Danish Jersey are very keen to share resources and knowledge with other Jersey populations and are keen to establish a single Jersey breeding programme
International Jersey meetings
Dansk Jersey are active members in both The European Jersey Forum and The World Jersey Cattle Bureau
Top Jersey Bulls bred in North Jutland 2018
The Annual meeting was held at Blokhus Holiday Centre, Near Bronderslev, Denmark This slide illustrates some of the bulls bred by local Jersey breeders
Breeding livestock exports are on the increase
Denmark also has a very strong market for exporting live breeding stock. This chart illustrates recent results. This market will feature strongly as the percentage of sexed semen increases
Slaughter of bull calves to be phased out
A sensitive subject, and of increasing concern to members of the general public, the dairy farmers customer. Dairy farming needs to address this issue without delay. Denmark has made a start.
Only sexed Jersey bull semen in the future
This slide addresses the issue relating to the increasing use of sexed semen and some of the challenges that will raise
Use of Beef semen in Denmark on Danish Jerseys has fallen
Use of beef semen has fallen, probably due to strong export sales and sexed semen. An exported breeding heifer will show a higher return than a beef cross-bred calf
Genomic test all your females
Dansk Jersey and Viking are encouraging genomic testing of all calves as a cost effective breeding tool. More data will improve NTM reliability and accuracy
Danish Dairy insemination combinations 2017-18
How do Danish farmers inseminate their cows?. This chart illustrates current trends. 2017-18
Danish Jersey New record in Protein %
This chart illustrates how Denmark is maintain high milk components. A couple of decades ago many thought Denmark would lose its high milk components for ever. This chart should dispel that myth for ever

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