Danish Jerseys 2018 in Numbers

Record year for Danish Jerseys 2017-18

National average for Jerseys 2017-18

2017-2018 has been a record year for Danish Jerseys in their home country with yet another record average pure Jersey herds across Denmark. There were 53,171 Jerseys in 254 herds an increase of 610 cows and a decrease of 9 pure herds. The average of pure Jersey herds is now 209 (up by 9) The total Jerseys, including those in mixed herds increased to 65,562 cows (up 652 cows) and in total they averaged:-

7,444 5.92% fat 441Kgs Fat  4.20% prot. 313 Kgs Prot.  = 754 Kgs F=P  this equates to 9,641 Kgs of ECM

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Jerseys in pure herds 2017-18 Annual averageV2

Highest Yielding Herds 2017-18

Niels Ulrik Andersen

The averages for individual herds is also remarkable, with the top herd being Niels Ulrik Andersen, Nørre Åaby, with 432 cows. Many people will remember this farm as it was previously owned by Chr. H. Olesen, trading as Espe Holm Landbrug, at Juulsgård. Niels Erik purchased the herd almost 10 years ago and continues to farm at Juulsgård and supply top bulls to the National plan.

There are several other notable and interesting herds on this list and it seems unfair to select individual herds. However, I feel I should point out one or two little snippets.

Vagn Lindy & Gitte Petersen

Vagn L Petersen may be better known to you as Adelgaard Jerseys they are in the process of expanding to 300+ cows and have installed a rotary parlour.

Morten Dalby Jensen 824 cows, He also has recently expanded his herd.

Henrik Jensen, 145 cows, Soren H Madsen 628 cows and Rudy Kirk Mikkelsen cows 172 all farm organically .

Palle & Sophie Bjerggaard Hansen are the breeders of VJ Quintana, seen here with the dam of VJ Quintana and Anders Forsberg.  Anders is looking forward to taking up a active part in the future of Gl Krogaard.

Bent (standing) and Lars Olesen, Alstrup

I/S Alstrup I/S is owned by brothers, Bent and Lars Olesen, Bent is Chairman of Dansk Jersey, They are currently expanding to 450 cows

Ole Munch is son of Jens Munch breeder of Q Impuls and is now farming the same herd and farm.

There are several other interesting farms and herds on this list.

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Highest Herds 2017-2018

Highest yielding cows 2017-18

This is another impressive list, with the top cow producing 1,344 kgs of F+P and the top fat producer yielding 808 kgs of butterfat. Most of these live day-to-day in large dairy herds. 824 in the case of the top cow.

The sharp-eyed ones among you will notice that most of the cows are sired by a DJ bull as opposed to VJ. To explain this, historically Danish AI was run by several local AI co-ops. This was gradually reduced by amalgamation down to four and then it all became one AI co-op known as Danish Jerseys (DJ), a few years later this was re-structured and re-branded under the Vikinggentics  (VJ) umbrella into the multi-national co-op we know today. So in effect it is the same.

I have converted the lists into Lbs for our North American friends so both Kgs and Lbs are show. Click on link below to see list

Highest Yielding Cows 2017-2018 Lbs & Kgs

Later I hope to list Lifetime yields and an Organic list

Gamelkrogaard Winter 2017-18

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