Planning for the Future

Planning for the future, right now!

Bjørn Lyngholm Christensen (right) with Ion Chiosa from Moldova

Thinking of the future, now.

” NTM has really turbo-charged my herds breeding policy”

Bjørn Lyngholm Christensen (above right) is focussed on NTM in the breeding work on the farm near Gørding, Denmark. The farm that has bred the bull VJ Dandi, who is now on the National usage plan. Bjørn relies on NTM and thinks he can see evidence with the heifers he has been rearing as the company’s future dairy cows. Bjørn uses 50% beef cattle semen and large amounts of X-Vik (sexed) semen, and therefore it is important for him to know which animals require what type of semen:

“I have to find the best animals, and here I use NTM as a clear guide. It has really turbo-charged the breeding, so I see the genomic tests as a sensible investment in the future,”

Bjørn wants to kill as few bull calves as possible, and therefore he has always used a high proportion of gender-sorted (sexed) semen. If it was up to him, Jersey people should actually rarely use anything else:

“Some change must happen in this area, because there will certainly come a pressure from the outside at some point, so we might as well accept the challenge now”

For the same reason, Bjørn is also one of the four herds who are part of the GoBeef research project,

Focus on the milk

Bjørn is not a man who has had a lot of bulls in the National plan. Nevertheless, he admits that it is a little cool to have a bull, VJ Dandi included in the current National usage plan:

“Of course I was happy to see that my bull was at the top. I can’t quite work that out,” he says.

On a daily basis it is the milk production that has increased, and not least optimization of the different work processes on the farm. Here Bjørn is very enthusiastic about Heatime system, which he has for both cows and heifers. The heifers are reared on two other properties, but Bjørn just checks the phone for signs of heat and gets a quick overview.

He and the herds manager, manage the inseminations themselves, but he greatly appreciates his friendly sparring with Viking breeding advisor, Pernille Hougaard Jensen:

“We have a fantastic collaboration and this is something that increases my connection to Viking. There is no doubt about that.”

VJ Dandi is for those who wish to focus on performance, udder health and exterior.

Body 112, Legs 111, Udder 113 Fat index 123. Udder Health 114, Jan 2019.

Featured in the picture is Bjørn Lyngholm Christensen, right, along with his Fodermester (herd Manager), Ion Chiosa, who is from Moldova.

  • Bjørn Lyngholm Christensen, Farm Profile
    Dairy farmer near Gørding in West Jutland
    • 400 Jersey cows

    • Performance: 2017-18 recording year: 380 cows 7565 Kgs  16,678 Lbs 5.90% 447 Kgs 985 Lbs fat 4.15% 314 Kgs 692 Lbs prot. =760 Kgs 1,675 Lbs F+P
      • Performance: 9,800 kg, 21,605 Lbs ECM (Energy Corrected Milk, = Average yield corrected to 4.2% fat & 3.4% prot.)
      • Six Employees
      • Tests all heifers genomically
      • Bjørn has sold five heifers to Vikings flushing program – the latest with + 25 NTM.

This article has been extracted and translated from the December 2018 issue of Viking News.

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