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Many will remember Anders Levring, Almost two years ago he stood down as Chairman of Danish Jerseys after 10 years service and handed over the reigns to his friend and deputy Bent Olesen. After a short period of rest to recharge his batteries, he returned to where his heart is, Danish Agricultural Co-operative organisations, and was recently elected Chairman of Viking Denmark. He is still a very enthusiastic Jersey herd owner, with 430 cows now expanding to 500. He still shows cattle at the highest level. Recently Viking News sent a journalist to find out about his plans for the future, below are his thoughts on his new role.
Anders Levring, New Chairman of the Board of Viking Denmark
“We must listen to the future cattle farmers and develop
us with them
Anders Levring
Anders Levring is the new chairman of the Board of Viking Denmark,
and we’ve met him for a chat about what’s going to happen
the association for years to come.


“It is to get the board to play better together than before. We have got a few new members, and together we have a lot of good skills, which – if we use them wisely – can be a really good match for Viking-Denmark’s management. That way creates we value the members of the association. In addition, the Board of Directors must constantly contribute to ensuring that the elected organization functions and that the Board of Representatives feels ownership. We have to put that on the agenda, too our elected representatives are Viking ambassadors out with members-the ones, and that’s what it’s all about. “
“The preparation of Strategy 2025 will be very time consuming in the first half of 2020. VikingDanmark must follow suit, development and with a good strategy we must ensure that we are also the cattle user’s preferred service company going forward. We must deserve to get on the farm, and we must be sharp and listen to the cattle farmers of the future – what are they asking for? ”
“They are getting more and more individual needs. They have different values and a different focus than cattle farmers had before. They are not as community oriented as they used to be, and the companies are getting bigger and bigger. The cattle farmer of the future is particularly focused on his own business, and we must sell him, or her, the good solutions – which we are already doing well. It is the needs of the members that have driven the development of Viking Denmark. We still have a core business called semen and service, but joint purchasing agreements have created new business areas that benefit our members. We need to listen to the needs that arise and so we need to find solutions that facilitate the work of cattle users in everyday life. In this way, we also show that the community in 2020 provides benefits for the individual. “

DJ May Dtr 27042-0250 Anders Levring
DJ May Dtr 27042-02050 Anders Levring

“The company has to keep up with the times, and there is no doubt that much has happened over the past five years when the business has grown much larger. Many new employees have arrived, and we must always make sure that we are an attractive workplace and that we have the right skills in the company. Employees are crucial to success. We, as a board and management, may have so many ideas, but if we do not have talented people to bring them to fruition, then we do not progress. We need to focus on developing our employees, because they are one big knowledge bank. They need to evolve to be able to add value to our members – and for them to find work exciting. ”
“Originally, the Jersey breed was my entry into the organization’s work. I thought breeding was extremely exciting and I was driven by that interest, but today I have another focus – namely to make an organization function best, so that it offers great value. The world has evolved and so has a union like Viking Denmark a great potential and lots of opportunities. I find it exciting to be at the forefront, and I have chosen to prioritize so much else. I was stressed a few years ago and I have learned that not everything is possible. At that time, I was forced to find out what was most important to me and at the same time cut off so that I could be present in precisely those contexts that matter most to me. Therefore, I am now very conscious that there should be good time for the family – while doing what I love most; to help develop Viking Denmark.

Anders Levring lives in Fjellerup on Norddjurs with his wife Liz on the farm, Hagenbjerg, which they bought in 1991. Anders has 430 Jersey cows and is just as stylish in the process of expanding to 500. He is active in Arla’s representation as a delegate for several years, has been on the board of VikingDenmark since 2008 and chaired Danish Jersey from 2007 to 2017. In addition, he has been President of the European Jersey Forum from 2009 to 2017 as well as Vice President of the World Jersey Cattle Bureau from 2010 to 2017. Anders is the father of three and has a grandson.

DJ May Dtr 27042-02648 Anders Levring
DJ May Dtr 27042-02648 Anders Levring

The above article was translated by Chris Barnes from the original which was printed in Viking News 02.2020

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