2 cows at Alstrup, L-R 04951 by DJ Beo and 04257 by Q Handix

Danish Jerseys Bred for longevity

Danish Jerseys for Longevity, here are 2 Aged cows from Alstrup I/S (Bent & Lars Olesen,) Bronderslev, Denmark where they run a herd of 450 Jerseys. These cows are 35582-04951 By DJ Beo, 11 calves (11th Lactation) and 35582-04257 by Q Handix, 13 calves (13th Lactation) Still going strong in a herd where 443 Cows average 848 Kgs F+P and 10,783 Kgs ECM (energy corrected milk)

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