DK Goplden Vivaldi daughter

News from Canada

News from Canada. Courtesy of Russell Gammon

Here you go!!!
Two daughters of Danish bred and born Jersey sire Golden GDK Vivaldi who became a popular member of Semex’s global Jersey offering in the past decade!
He has topped charts in Canada on a consistent base from his pre-proven days to his status now as a leading proven sire!
Look at what his daughters deliver with these two stunning cows in the province of Quebec!
Vivaldi is a son of DJ Lix from a Q Impuls dam from the well-known Paramount Violet cow in the USA, who has Lemvig in her pedigree!

Thank you, Danish Jerseys!

Chris Barnes,thanks for the encouragement to make this post!
Johannes Van Eeden made a great suggestion! He asked for info on how these two cows produce!
The cow on the left, Vivaldi Toya is finishing her third lactation. She has calved at 1-10, 2-10 and 3-10.
She is a high plus above herd mates at +11 milk, +34 fat and +28 protein.
She has averaged 5.9% fat and 4.0% protein.
On her 3-10 lactation in 287 days she is projected to 305 day yield of 7900 kgs milk, 477 kgs fat at 6.0% and 322 kgs protein at 4.1% in a free stall herd.
That is 1.57 kgs fat and 1.06 kgs protein per day or 2.63 kgs f plus p per day.
In pounds her 305 will be 17,420 milk, 1073 fat and 710 protein approximately!

Re the cow on the right Final Bloom she is scored VG 85. In 83 days at 2-0 she is projected to 8452 kgs milk, 433 kgs fat, 332 kgs protein at 5.1% and 3.9% protein
Good start!
18636, 955 fat and 732 protein in pounds!

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