Cow no 19361-01842 by DJ Hogan


Two years ago, Anders Nielsen, Gelsted, (with the flowers) had a cow that passed 10.000 in kg or 22,046 Lbs of milk solids. Now it’s happened again. Anders makes a habit of developing aged high yielding cows he currently has three averaging 10,000 kg of F+P

It has of course been properly marked!

The cow, which was the centre of the event, is described as a rather anonymous cow that does not require much attention in everyday life.

She is an aged 14-old lady who still produces well. She has a daily yield of over 30 kg EKM and a current cell count of 29.000. She is Cow no. 19361-01842 sired by DJ Hogan, a Q Henius son

Anders Nielsen has 190 jersey cows on his Funen farm.

The man beside Anders Nielsen is a fodermeister (herdsman) for ten years, Danny Dyregaard

This post is an adapted translation by of a Notice posted VikingDanmark 14.05.2020

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