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A parade of beauties at Sønderfenner

Just a few of the young cows which are the backbone of the Danish Genomic programme

Recently Jens Rasmussen of Sønderfenner, Nr Ribe Denmark had a visit from the VikingGenetics photography team and the classifier with quite remarkable success.

Jens has taken advantage of the Viking embryo flushing program and has acquired some of the donor heifers when their programme is complete. Basically, the system is that Viking purchase high genetic level heifers, take them to their flushing unit where they are flushed as required, then they leave for their new homes. Any eggs collected are transferred to recipients on foster farms and resulting progeny genomically tested and then if, they are of the required standard, the bulls are taken to Vikings bull rearing unit and a few heifers, again only if of very high merit, are sent to the ET flushing unit to start the process over again. Most of the cows shown below have heifers/calves that are part of the Viking Embryo program and have more upcoming bulls! Here are a few of the young cows Jens has taken advantage of.

A VJ Haley daughter

A VJ Haley daughter from Claus Marx Hansen, Ejby. Ex 92

A daughter of VJ Haley who is by VJ Husky and mother to VJ Glux by VJ Gutz
Her classification score is
Body 88 L&F 86 Udder 93 Overall EX92
She is Pregnant to VJ Laster, a VJ Lasky x VJ Perez

A VJ Gislev daughter

A Vj Gislev daughter, from Nr Haugaard, Hjørring, dam of VJ Nibiru and VJ Niles EX93

A daughter of VJ Gislev who is by VJ Pick and mother to VJ Nibiru and VJ Niles both by VJ Nibali, who is a VJ Hitman x VJ Link
Her classification score is
Body 91 L&F 86 Udder 93 Overall EX93
She has an NTM Score of 25

A VJ Lutu daughter

A VJ Lutu daughter from Gammelager, Morgens Karup Smith, Vildbjerg, EX92

A daughter of VJ Lutu who is by VJ Lutz
Unfortunately, she did not flush well and only has one polled daughter calf at Sønderfenner. She has been inseminated to Dalton P
Her classification score is
Body 84 L&F 87 Udder 93 Overall EX92

A VJ Lesten daughter

A VJ Lesten daughter from Jesper Lange, Bevtoft, VG88

A daughter of VJ Lesten, who is by VJ Lurik,
She has been inseminated to Dalton P
Her classification score is:-
Body 83 L&F 85 Udder 89 Overall VG88

A VJ Lago daughter

VJ Lago daughter from Skovgaard, VG85 a 2nd generation ET heifer

A daughter of VJ Lago, who is by VJ Land,
More than 10 offspring – upcoming polled bull coming!
Her classification score is:-
Body 77 L&F 83 Udder 88 Overall VG85

A VJ Livius daughter

A VJ Livius daughter from Nils Erik Bonne, Gelstead EX89

A daughter of VJ Livius who is by VJ Link,
She milks so well! Almost 40 kg ECM on average for the 200 days she’s milked!, In-calf to Valergo-PP
Her classification score is:-
Body 85 L&F 89 Udder 90 Overall EX91

A polled Nibali daughter

A polled VJ Nibali daughter, she will shortly be flushed for the Viking ET project

Polled VJ Nibali’s daughter “Sønderfenner Kirk Nibali Rebekka P” The mother was bought as heifer from Niels Kirk, breeder of Fyn Lemvig, she is scored 92 in udder and overall is scored VG89. Jens is getting excited and keen to follow her at Viking Genetics – and hopes she can join and contribute with the polled breeding in Denmark!

I think you will agree that is a very impressive display of young cows at Sønderfenner, it must be frustrating that there will be no shows this year. Also, I feel it demonstrates the depth of quality available in Denmark these days. Not only does it demonstrate the quantity and quality, but also the diversity of available genetics throughout Denmark.

The future is bright.
the future is Danish Jersey

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