Embryos from seven different countries

Embryos from seven different countries contribute to the creation of the future International top bulls from VikingGenetics. We regularly buy high-index heifers for the VikingEmbryo donor program, and we also make ET agreements on the domestic market (Denmark, Sweden and Finland). We plan to buy about 35 heifers and undertake approximately 70 ET programmes each year.

In addition, we also have donor heifers in France, and we make ET programmes on the best privately owned heifers in Norway. Both countries are in our breeding cooperation project, together with UK. In the UK, we have not yet concluded any ET agreements, but the latest test results look promising. Finally, we import approximately 50 embryos annually from the United States and Canada.

VikingGenetics are constantly searching worldwide for the very best genetics

The above article was translated and adapted from an article in Viking Nyt May 2020. Viking Nyt is an in-house magazine of VikingGenetics. I am very grateful for their agreement to publish this here. I thank VikingGenetics for their help.

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