How to use this website

You should come across us on our home page, if not click ‘Home’

If you want to send a link by email the link is

The home page will show latest post in a news-sheet format, scroll down until you find something of interest, Hoover over this until curser changes to finger, then click to go to the full article. Look for the red button with ‘click to read more’ this will reveal the full article. This will appear on longer articles

Images will sometimes appear as too tightly cropped, if you then click on the image a full uncropped image will appear.

On the top of the home page, below the main menu you will see Video Gallery. Click to reveal all the available videos.

Click on the home icon or ‘home’ to return to the home page.

A future investment, a VJ Quintana heifer, Peter Young Victoria, Australia.

On the home page you can scroll down to reveal, in the right hand column, a list of categories with the number of posts associated. Click on an interesting category to list all the articles within that category. You can then scroll down through to find one of interest then click on to reveal full details.

In the top right hand corner you will find a Facebook icon if you click here you will be directed to the Facebook group page ‘Danish Jersey Cattle’ click the ‘back’ arrow to return to the ‘homepage’

In the search box type, something like ‘Alstrup’ or ‘Adelgaard’ or ‘Tastum’ to list all references to whatever keyword you type in. There are several key words and more will appear with time.

Lets work together on this project

In the right-hand column, you will find a list of ‘Pages’ which includes an ‘about us’ page and ‘contact us’ page which are self-explanatory there is also a list of other interesting pages, just click on anything that interests you.

At the footer of the page you will find ‘About us’ some ‘useful links’ and links to the catalogues of various global Viking Jersey interests. Click on any of these that interest you

A blast from the past a Fyn Lemvig Daughter 52508-01057

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