Peter Larson’s interview with JerseyNZ and SamenNZ

Here, I post Peter Larson’s video interview with JerseyNZ and SamanNZ it is a long but extremely interesting insight int how the breed might develop in Denmark and world-wide. It covers breeding and general management and welfare issues so essential to sustain our industry in today’s harsh economic climate. If you can find an hour to spare you will find this video thought provoking. This interview was arranged as due to Corona virus Peter was unable to attend this year’s JerseyNZ AGM which was due later this summer.

Peter Larson Interview.

We teamed up with Jersey NZ, VikingGenetics and all of you to conduct an Interview with Peter Larson the Senior Breeding Manager for VikingJersey. We discussed Genomics, the Future of the Jersey Breed, Jersey Beef Trials, Outcross Potential, Polled Genetics and much more!Originally, Peter was going to come to NZ and attend this years Jersey NZ AGM. Due to current lockdown situation this became an impossibility so we set up an online interview to ensure we could connect with Peter and get more information from him about the VikingJerseys. We have a wide range of VikingJersey bulls that we have specifically selected for New Zealand dairy systems available this year and you can check these out in the online 2020 Samen NZ Breeding Guide:

Posted by Samen NZ on Wednesday, April 8, 2020
Peter Larson’s Video interview with JerseyNZ and SamenNZ April 2020